Rodent Anesthesia System

Rodent Inhalation Anesthesia Delivery & Scavenging System
This system is lightweight and portable and allows the user to maintain multiple animals at the same anesthesia level with a single vaporizer while providing excellent scavenging of the anesthetic preventing its release into the room.


The standard R-ADS is configured with two delivery ports and an induction chamber. Once the animal is induced with anesthetic, it can be transferred to one of the delivery ports where it can be maintained until the user is ready to intubate the animal and post intubation while the animal awaits further treatment. The delivery ports can also be used as procedure ports for applications where intubation is not required.

The R-ADS is custom configurable to support up to four animals. The delivery ports can also be configured for both mice and rats or any combination of the two. A dual vaporizer system is also available upon request to support a remote anesthetic delivery port in addition to the induction chamber and delivery ports for use with a ventilator.