The basic elements of the illuminator are a standard Mini MagLite® and a specially designed optical system (Patent Pending). The diffuse, radiant light of the bulb is focused into a single beam that can be transmitted by the Fiber Optic Stylet (FOS).

The optical system is housed in an insert that precisely replaces the lens and reflector of the standard Mini MagLite®. The specially engineered optical system provides highly efficient illumination through the FOS. A significant amount of light is coupled into the fiber providing intense illumination at the delivery end of the FOS (up to 2 mW with FOS-400 and substantially more with larger light guides). The bulb used is a standard Mini MagLite® bulb and can be replaced easily. Consistent with the standard MagLite® line, a single replacement bulb is stored in the end piece of each illuminator. The illuminator is also compatible with each FOS regardless of the size.